Frequently Asked Questions

   Q : My Vehicle is from out of state what should i bring it in ? 1, 2, 7(truck) and Fee

        A: Here is List What you need to registration 

            1. Vehicle Title (No Copy Accepted)

                           Or Registration Document - if Bank Holding you title ( No Copy Accepted )

            2. Your Vehicle

            3. Form REG 343 ( We have Form )

            4. Smog Certificate for New and Used Vehicle From out of state ( We have Service )

            5. Vehicle identification verification ( We have Service )

            6. D.M.V Fee ( We take your Fee )

​            7. Weight Certificate ( For Truck or Commercial Vehicle )



    Q : My Vehicle is Year model 2017, Do I Need Smog check for Title Transfer ?

         A: YES - From Out Of State Vehicle

               NO - CA state Vehicle - ( 2014 Older year Model Vehicle need Smog check for Change of Owner or Title transfer )

   Q : Can I get My Vehicle Registration at your Shop or I have to go D.M.V ?

         A: We issue Registration in Our Office (Most Registration Service is Same Day).

   Q : My Vehicle is Hybrid,  do I Need Smog Check ?

         A : Yes Hybrid Vehicle required Smog check ( Starting May 2015 )







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